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Do you smell rotten eggs? Then call Your Service Pros of NC at (919) 322-2811 right away and get fast, professional gas leak detection services to keep you safe. Don’t delay because costs are a concern. Your safety is at risk.

Natural gas is a great and inexpensive alternative to using electricity to power our homes, and in fact many homes in Raleigh, NC are outfitted with gas-powered stoves, laundry dryers, water heaters, and other major appliances. However, it’s important that homeowners be aware of the status of their gas lines and shutoff valves which are critical to keeping themselves, their loved ones, and their investments safe. If you suspect you have a gas leak, then the qualified experts at Your Service Pro of NC are here to help.

Are yo u having issues with your gas line?

Because natural gas leaks are so dangerous, it’s important to be aware of warning signs that your gas line has been compromised and is in need of repair or replacement.

Warning Signs to Watch out for:

  • Rust or Corrosion on the Gas Line

    Seals at the joints will wear out over time and can cause corrosion to occur.

  • You Smell Rotten Eggs

    Natural gas is unscented, but a scent similar to sulfur or rotten eggs is added to make it easier to identify. If you smell rotten eggs - call us immediately!

  • You Hear Hissing

    If you can hear hissing sounds and can’t locate the origin, it is likely gas escaping from a damaged gas or grill supply line.

  • Pinched or cracked lines

    Any damage to the gas line requires immediate attention and replacement services.

  • Dying Vegetation

    If the grass or greenery in your yard is dying seemingly without reason, a gas leak may be the cause.

If You Think You Hae a Gas Leak...

Any natural gas leaks have the potential to cause severe damage, not just to your home but also to you and your loved ones. If you suspect that you have a gas leak then evacuate the area as quickly as possible and make sure to follow these guidelines immediately.

  • Leave All Appliances Off
  • Avoid All Forms of Ignition
  • Do Not Crank Your Car
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