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Safe & Reliable Gas Line Repair & Installation

Gas lines are convenient, but can be dangerous if not maintained, so be sure to call Your Service Pro of NC at (919) 322-2811 for fast gas line installation and repair services. We don’t believe in overcharging for our service.

We have the expert gas line & grill supply line repair and installation services you need. 

Many of our customers in Raleigh, NC depend on their gas lines to supply their appliances, including stoves, dryers, and even outdoor Grill lines. While natural gas provides a cheaper and more efficient alternative to electric power, these lines need to be maintained and regularly serviced to ensure that there are no dangerous leaks or issues. At Your Service Pro of NC, our team of qualified experts is happy to help you stay safe and enjoy worry-free use of your gas line by providing reliable repair and installation services.

Does your gas line need repairing?

  • Dying Vegetation

    Is the grass, greenery, or your garden dying inexplicably? Then a leak in your gas line may be to blame.

  • You Smell Rotten Eggs

    Natural gas is unscented, but a scent similar to sulfur or rotten eggs is added to make it easier to identify. If you smell rotten eggs - call us immediately!

  • You Hear Hissing

    If you can hear hissing sounds and can’t locate the origin, it is likely gas escaping from a damaged gas or grill supply line.

Consider ongoing service

Having a technician in to regularly inspect the integrity of your gas lines may not seem important, but investing in upfront service can help avoid dangerous gas leaks and prevent costly emergency situations. This is because regularly scheduled inspections can detect issues and compromises within your gas line which may lead to larger and more expensive and dangerous issues.

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