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Water Softener Repair, Replacement & Installation

Purify your water supply and enjoy the benefits of clean, filtered water by calling Your Service Pro of NC at (919) 322-2811 for water softener installation.

Hard water, which is water that hasn’t been properly filtered of minerals and other irritants, is present in a surprising number of homes throughout Raleigh, NC and the surrounding communities.

This water, which contains calcium, magnesium, and other metals and minerals, is safe to use but tastes and smells unpleasant, and causes your appliances and fixtures to wear out much quicker than if your water was properly filtered.

Our technicians are happy to help you install a cost-effective water softening system to improve your water quality, so call today.

Extend the Life of Your Appliances

Because hard water is rich in mineral and metal deposits it accumulates and creates residue and buildup in your pipes, faucets, drains, and appliances. It’s easy to spot: it looks like a hard, white film which calcifies and can be challenging to remove.

Hard water forces your plumbing system and appliances to work harder than usual to push the sediment-heavy water around, and can cause your appliances to break down and become clogged more easily than if a water softener were installed.

Effects of Hard Water

Hard Water contains a buildup of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, which has reached a certain level (greater than 3.5 grains per gallon). While it may not look much different than soft water, hard water can wreak havoc on homes and people, not to mention the household budget.

  • Rust Stains on Toilets, Tubs, Sinks and Showers
  • Water Spots on Dishes and Silverware
  • Plumbing Fixtures Clogging
  • Dry Skin & HAir

How Does Water Softening Work?

The solution to hard water is to install a water softener in the home. This is a device that attaches to the water supply and treats it right at the source. Sodium is introduced, attracting and removing the excess calcium and magnesium ions - removing the hardness.

Why should you invest in a water softener?

You'll find the benefits of a water softening system obvious almost right away.

  • Easier Cleaning

    No More Hard Water Stains on Fixtures, Appliances, and Clothing

  • Save on Cleaning Products

    You'll Need Less Soap for Just About Everything

  • Cleaner Dishes

    No More Hard Water Stains, Rinse Aids, or Reduced Performance in Your Dish Washer

  • Less Appliance Wear

    Your Water Using Appliances Will Experience Significantly Longer Lifespans

  • Softer Skin & Hair

    You'll Have Less Mineral Build-Up on Your Skin and Hair

  • Better Hair Color

    Mineral Build-Up Effects the Way Professional Hair Color Adheres and Penetrates. Unpredictable Results can Occur When Mineral Contamination is Present. 

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